Cleaning Oriental Rugs

How To Clean An Oriental Rug

How do we clean oriental rugs?.     Clients ask that question all the time.

1.  Unroll carpets and inspect   2.   Cinched to make sure covers are fast  3.  The rugs are then beaten with a rug beater to remove all slam dust pollens and pollution.  4.   Than the  and rugs are thoroughly vacuumed front and back.    5.   Then the rugs are thoroughly shampooed with the proper pH balance solution.   6.   After shampooing the  rugs are thoroughly rinsed and extracted.  7.   The rugs are groomed and fringes cleaned.   8.    The rugs now going drying room with fans and the  dehumidifiers for proper drying.   9.   After drying rugs are removed from the drawing room vacuumed and groomed rolled and prepared for delivery.

For the best possible wool rug care: Try to vacuum across the rug extra slowly — half at a time instead of up and down. You will be less likely to catch your Oriental rug’s fringe in the vacuum head — plus, vacuuming across is much easier because it floats your vacuum down the rug.

An ounce of prevention…

Spot Clean using bottled club soda and extract with wet-vc.
Soiling of your wool rugs will vary from home to home and location to location, but it’s important to catch sand and soil on the surface of the Oriental rug BEFORE it has a chance to become deeply embedded. Also, walk-off mats outside your door are excellent at keeping dirt from entering the home.


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