Oriental Wool Rugs

Cleaning Wool Rugs

Has your rug been cleaned in the past three years? If not, let us inspect it and determine whether it is in need of thorough cleaning. Wool rugs vary due to the amount of traffic received and the location that they are used in. Some need cleaning sooner than others.

After five years of use, all Oriental wool rugs are ready for professional, thorough deep washing. For special cleaning of a wool rug, send your rug to us. We will clean it on both sides including the fringe. We will moisturize, rejuvenate, and revive the wool. We also inspect your rug for needed repairs and notify you of any damage or problems that you may not have noticed.
Special Wool Rug Care Recommendations

* Fabric protector is an excellent stain guard, especially on light-colored rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, and furniture. We highly recommend it!
* Moth-proofing is a must if you want to safely guard against insect damage in your wool rugs while in storage or in use.
* Deodorizing is an extremely effective treatment against recurring animal odor to keep your rug in safe, clean, hygienic condition.


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