Pads and Underlays

Pads or Underlays

Use a high-quality, non-skid, underlay pad if your rug rests on hardwood, tile, terrazzo, or hard-surfaced flooring. This acts as a shock absorber for your rug. When using rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting, no underlay is needed since the wall-to-wall carpet acts as a cushion. If, however, your Oriental rug starts wrinkling or bunching up, a special rug stabilizer can be placed between your rug and the carpeting. This will correct the problem.
Rug Placement Recommendations

Avoid direct exposure to hot sunlight (especially in summer) by closing your curtains or blinds; this will help protect the colors in your rug. If placing near a fireplace, be sure to use a hearth screen to keep sparks from damaging your rug.


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